Office of National Scholarship Advisement

University of Mississippi
Photo by Robert Jordan

Photo by Robert Jordan

Not all major scholarship or fellowship programs require University involvement. For those that do, you should know that University nomination (for Udall, Goldwater, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, and Truman Scholarships especially) is not guaranteed. Completed applications are carefully reviewed by campus committees, and applicants for most of these programs undergo a robust interview. Securing the University’s nomination should be considered a major achievement; it is not awarded lightly. If a scholarship requires University nomination or rating (as the Fulbright does), there are required procedures that must be observed:

  • The institutional deadline is earlier than the program deadline, to allow time for University procedures. If you submit an application to Mr. Dolan after an institutional deadline has passed, it is likely your application will be too late for University consideration. The List of Institutional Deadlines provides institutional as well as program deadlines.
  • Applying for national scholarships (the Rhodes, the Truman, or the Fulbright for example) often requires a campus interview. Mr. Dolan will coordinate those interviews. You may also be required or expected to participate in mock interviews before and/or after nomination to prepare for the real thing. Some of the interviews may be videotaped for your (re)viewing pleasure.
  • For major scholarship applications,Mr. Dolan will be contacting your letter-writers, to offer assistance to them as well as to you.
  • Applicants invest enormous time in these applications and face long odds in the competitions. For those two reasons, applicants will be expected to have a Plan B in mind, a good education/career plan they’ll undertake if they don’t win the scholarship. Indeed, articulating direction and aspiration is one of the benefits of going through the application process. Plan B is as much a part of it as Plan A.
  • When a student wins a major national scholarship, publicity follows. Be forewarned.