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Office of National Scholarship Advisement

University of Mississippi
Photo by Robert Jordan

Photo by Robert Jordan

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship was created to support students with outstanding potential in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering who plan careers as researchers in those fields. Students interested in medicine are eligible only if they intend to have a research career. Students can apply as a sophomore or as a junior; it pays up to $7,500 a year for the junior and senior years (if won as a junior, the scholarship covers only the senior year). Usually 300 scholarships are awarded a year.

Qualifications: be a sophomore or junior majoring in the natural sciences, engineering, or mathematics; have at least a B average and be in the top 25% of your class; be a U. S. citizen. University nomination is required.

Web address: Goldwater Scholarship

Application Checklist (click here)

You must notify the Office of National Scholarship Advisement of your intent to submit an application. For further information and assistance, contact Tim Dolan.

Goldwater Application timeline

 Summer/Fall, before applying

Visit the Goldwater website: to learn more about the Scholarship and the application process.

Talk with faculty and research mentors about your interest in a research career and in applying for the Goldwater.

Identify recommendation writers and request email confirmation of commitment.

Start writing, especially the research essay. Give yourself time to try several drafts and to seek feedback from faculty and from Tim Dolan.

Early September

The new Goldwater application will become available online at Note that you must complete and submit a brief pre-application before you’ll be able to access the full Goldwater application.


Meet with Tim Dolan regularly to discuss the written application components. Meet with research or faculty advisor regularly to discuss research essay.


Campus application deadline: December 15

Email commitment for letters of reference should be submitted by December 15 via email to

Application materials (see checklist above) should be submitted via the online form found here.

Campus review committee reads applications and selects no more than four applications to forward to the national competition.

All applicants will be able to receive feedback, and nominees will be able to use this to finalize their applications in advance of the national deadline in late January.

Late January
Nominees submit the final versions of their applications by January 25 to allow the campus fellowship advisor to forward materials to the Goldwater Foundation by the national deadline. All letters of reference must be submitted by this deadline.

Late March/early April
Scholarships and Honorable Mentions typically announced by the Foundation.

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