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Office of National Scholarship Advisement
University of Mississippi


Office of National Scholarship Advisement

The Office of National Scholarship Advisement (ONSA) supports and advises students applying for a select number of competitive national and international merit-based awards.

These awards offer life changing opportunities where academic excellence, leadership, and active communal engagement are valued and nurtured. This is not just a gateway to undergraduate and graduate school funding, but an opportunity to further your mind, commit to bettering our world, and actively engage in a scholarship community.

National scholarships are competitive awards that reward scholastic achievement and civic engagement. Typically they fund study, research, or teaching in the United States and abroad. These merit-based scholarships recognize leadership potential and engagement with the world’s economic, social, political, and environmental issues. There are many things students can do to become competitive for such awards. It all starts with becoming engaged with your classes, your professors, and your community–starting your freshman year.

Interested UM students are encouraged to contact the Office of National Scholarship Advisement (ONSA) at to learn more, or attend any of our ONSA Scholarship Workshops.