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Office of National Scholarship Advisement
University of Mississippi

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Churchill Scholarship

Open to:

Rising seniors and graduates within 12 months 


Application Deadlines

  • UM Deadline: Early October
  • National Deadline: First of November
  • Endorsement: UM Nomination is Required. Learn more about ONSA and the nomination process.



Funds one year of research in science, mathematics, and engineering. 16 awards are made annually. Applications for the Churchill Scholarship are reviewed by a Selection Committee comprised of at least eight former Churchill Scholars from a variety of STEM disciplines. An offer cannot be made before completion of an informal telephone interview.

Candidate Profile

Someone interested in conducting research on their own project. The Churchill offers the opportunity to ask big questions and also spend a year looking for some answers.

  • Outstanding academic achievement. There is no minimum GPA, though most applicants have a very high average. The Committee looks at achievement in STEM courses, especially in the major, as indicated by course grades and recommendation letters.
  • Proven talent in research. Applicants in the sciences and engineering will demonstrate extensive laboratory experience, internships, or other related work, while applicants in mathematics will show substantial independent work or other projects. The Committee looks for originality and creativity.
  • Outstanding personal qualities. Understanding the time commitment required by research, the Churchill Foundation does not seek so-called “well-rounded” applicants; instead, it seeks applicants with what we call interesting “jagged edges.” The Committee takes into account interests and achievements outside of research, but it does not favor any particular kind of activity.


Application Procedure:

  • A complete Churchill application (including all essays) is submitted online prior to the campus deadline. If you receive a UM institutional endorsement, you will be able to make changes to your application ahead of the final deadline.
  • After the campus deadline, the campus Churchill Endorsement Committee will review all applications.  Applicants may be asked to interview with the committee as part of the endorsement process.  Endorsed applicants will then be notified and guided through the final steps of the application process.
  • Candidates need to develop a 2-page personal statement and a 1 page proposed program of study statement
  • Fill out the online application and include 
    • proposed program of study, 
    • personal statement, 
    • correspondence with a potential lab supervisor (if applicable). 
    • Transcripts for all colleges or universities attended, including study abroad 
  • Request four academic letters of recommendation. You should seek four people who are directly familiar with your academic or research work. They must submit their letters of recommendation through the online portal. When you request letters, they will receive an email linked to instructions and an upload portal. 
  • Apply to the University of Cambridge. The Churchill Scholarship is only tenable at Churchill College, so you must put Churchill College as your first choice on the Cambridge application. The Scholarship is only for a 1-year Master’s degree, so your application must be for an MPhil or MASt. Because of Cambridge’s rolling admissions, you should apply by the deadline for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, in early October, 2022.
  • Complete the application



  • Must be a U.S. citizen 
  • A senior enrolled in UM or graduated within last 12 months. 
  • Upon taking up the Churchill Scholarship, a Churchill Scholar must hold a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent, and may not have attained a doctorate.

Endorsement by Office of National Scholarships (Dr. Ibrahim)


Videos and Workshops:

Churchill a year of independent research





Want to Apply?


There are many things you can do to become competitive for such awards. It all starts with becoming engaged with your classes, your professors, and your community–starting your freshman year!

The key to a strong application is…START EARLY! Follow these steps to schedule your appointment!

STEP 1: Look through the Handbook or Website to identify potential awards.

  • Each award description in the handbook or website includes eligibility, a description, application procedures, and links to videos/webinars.
  • Some awards identify “institutional endorsement required” or “institutional endorsement recommended”. In order to be endorsed by ONSA and the university of Mississippi you must have a complete application by the campus deadline.

STEP 2: Complete the Fellowship Interest Form (required)

STEP 3: Make an appointment with a Fellowship Advisor (strongly recommended)

STEP 4: If you apply for a national fellowship, you will need to complete the Nomination Permission Form and Waiver (required)